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Summer on the table

Thomas Cliff

Extensive, hilly outlines of a coastal landscape are reflected in soft, lively and flowing contours of the new ceramic form and lend a relaxed naturalness to the plates, cups and bowls in various sizes. In addition, the inside and outside of the items are distinguished by a respective white or beige colouring. Spanish designer Gemma Bernal's design captures the warm, Mediterranean light, the sandy beaches and the connection between the island and the sea surrounding it.







Did you already know?

We want to make your everyday life more beautiful with good porcelain. But did you know that you are holding a natural product that is sustainably produced in Germany?

Made in Germany
Our porcelain collections are manufactured in our factories in Selb and Speichersdorf.
Natural product
Porcelain consists of 100% natural products: kaolin, feldspar and quartz.
We produce in a resource-friendly way. This has also been certified by the TÜV!
Made with love
Our team gives its all every day and and attaches great importance to the highest quality.
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