Made by Nature - Thomas Nature

Thomas Nature unites functionality and authenticity. The rustic yet high-quality stoneware material lends plates and cups a genuine character with a hand-made look. All Thomas Nature items are hand glazed and due to this technique they have an individual appearance. Complementing the three existing soft colours "Sand", "Water" and "Leaf", the new colour "Coral" brings liveliness to the table. The bright yet soft shade of red catches everyone's eye and harmonises well with the other colours of the collection.


Curry and turmeric, the bright rays of a sunset, the soft orange-red of shells and coral: The soft shade of red is inspired by nature and, in combination with the other colours in the collection, brings an energetic liveliness to the table.


The feet in the warm sand and the sun on the skin. This bright natural tone makes us think of the last beach holiday and is the perfect backdrop for fresh, colourful, summery foods. Eat the rainbow!


Blue is the colour of vastness and infinity. The soft blue tone makes us think of a quiet mountain lake, an evening sky on a hot summer's day, the tiny blue bird's eggs, which we discovered during the last walk in the forest ...


Green - the colour of nature and life. We get quite an appetite from this delicate shade of green: for pistachio ice cream, our beloved matcha latte, fresh salads ... and of course for spring!

Photos by Annie Spratt, Vincent Burkhead, Heather Shevlin, Lum3n, Ishan Seefromthesky, Ren Ran & David Clode on Unspalsh

Thomas Nature

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