Thomas Daily Bowls

The Thomas Daily Bowls are an allrounder that no one wants to miss. Whether it's a Buddha bowl, soup or salad, there is a bowl size for every occasion. Convince yourself of the four sizes - and besides white, the four beautiful colours!

Colourful and unique - the Daily Bowls

The four Scandinavian-inspired glaze colours Night Blue, Ice Blue, Moon Grey and Moss Green make a good impression on any dining table and are truly special. The bowls are manufactured in an extremely elaborate production process. Above all, the unique, coloured glaze gives the Daily Bowls their own and unmistakable style, as, depending on the thickness of the glaze layer, the colour of the bowls sometimes appears a little more intense and sometimes a little smoother.

In love with the "skandi colours" of the Daily Bowls? Then we have good news!

The Scandinavian colour palette of the Daily Bowls can be found in two other Thomas tableware collections: Loft Colour and Trend Colour are also available in the glaze colours Moon Grey, Ice Blue, Night Blue and Moss Green and thus complement the Daily Bowls perfectly.

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