120 Years Thomas

This year, Thomas is in the mood to celebrate - 120 years of quality porcelain from Germany, 120 years of various creations and developments,120 years of collaboration with various creations. Thomas doesn`t stand still, continues to develop and has gained a wide range of collections and products over time. Thomas has something to offer for every occasion and every taste. In the meantime, the assortment does not only include articles made out of porcelain but also stoneware.

Table set with diverse Thomas dinnerware with Thomas 120 years logo in the middle
Thomas Cliff mug and plate with yellow lemons

Discover Earth Browns

The Earth Browns colour scheme consists of creamy beige and brown tones, creating a natural feel and peaceful ambiance. Striking shades of colour make a statement and add vitality to your home. Because these calming colours are not just popular on tables.

Thomas Cliff

The form of the Thomas Cliff collection was created by Spanish designer Gemma Bernal. The smooth contours resemble the outlines of a coastal landscape, bringing peace and a relaxed naturalness to the table. The “White Beach” glaze consists of a delicate colour mix of a light cream beige base colour combined with white, creating a harmonious and timeless look. The perfect way to bring the summer to your home! Whether it’s a big salad at lunch, a bread roll at breakfast or muesli in the morning, the bowls and plates provide plenty of space for delicious dishes and make every meal an experience.

Thomas Cliff tableware on beige table linen decorated with lemons & blueberries

Sunny Day

The "Sunny Day" collection is all about vibrant colours, creativity and mixing and matching. We suggest trying out the bold combination of Fuchsia, New Red and Greige decors for a truly expressive look. Each shade has its own unique character, but when combined, they create a warm and harmonious atmosphere at the table.

Thomas Sunny Day Greige, New Red und Fuchsia Geschirr mit Zitrusfrüchtent als Dekoration
Thomas Sunny Day Collection in Fuchsia, Greige and New Red

Oh sunny day...!

With its varied colors and endless possibilities, Sunny Day is almost like life itself. Whether you prefer bright colors, pastel colors or nature colors, all the pieces in this collection seamlessly complement one another. Regardless of the occasion - be it a weekend getaway or even a child's tea party - Sunny Day offers the ideal set for your needs, whether you desire a classic coffee/tea set or a multi-purpose collection.

The Thomas Brand Essence

Fun with cooking, food, drink and giving is the Thomas motto. Therefore, the range offers a wide choice of original products, thought of “outside the box” and with a twinkle in the eye.

Thomas is the brand for design-oriented and uncomplicated crockery for everyday use. The products are deliberately functional, plain and versatile. With its differently oriented product ranges Thomas covers a wide range, with a solution at hand for every taste and customer requirement.

Classics such as “Trend” that have lasted decades, demonstrate the soundness of the brand and prove the high quality standards of the products. In order to fully respond to the needs of its customers, Thomas trend-consciously incorporates new themes and materials into the range, in this way developing into a brand that combines functionality with lifestyle.

The Thomas clientele is notably heterogeneous: it appeals just as much to the young profession as to the elder lady, who when adding to her coffee set, buys additional Thomas products for her children and grandchildren.

A History of Thomas

1903 Fritz Thomas establishes the “F. Thomas” porcelain factory in the Upper Franconian town of Marktredwitz.

1908 Rosenthal takes over Thomas.

Since the 1950s Development into a brand for young, design-oriented and uncomplicated crockery.

1960 Production moves to Speichersdorf in the newly built factory "Thomas am Kulm", whose facade was designed with geometric patterns by the Italian architect Marcello Morandini.

Up until the 1980s the Thomas collections were foremost characterised by Scandinavian design.

1981 Thomas and the design duo Queensberry Hunt launch “Trend” which was to become a genuine success story and is, to this day, the world’s best-selling household porcelain.

1996 The “Vario” design, a Yellow Design concept, is successfully launched and the following year receives the US Design Distinction Award in the consumer products design category.

Thomas brings colour to the table with “Sunny Day”. Since then the collection has been steadily developed with the introduction of new colours and items.

1999 The Amici pasta dish becomes a Thomas top seller.

2001 Launch of the „Loft“ range, design by Queensberry Hunt.

2009 Arcturus group takes over Rosenthal, Thomas and Hutschenreuther, and establishes Rosenthal GmbH.

2015 Loft by Thomas is one of Rosenthal GmbH’s most popular series world- wide. In 2015, the Thomas collection with the grooved design was given a new Point of Sale communication strategy, and as of now wil l be known as “Loft by Rosenthal”.

2019 Thomas goes Nature. The Thomas ONO collection has already been awarded the Green Product Award sustainability prize. With the introduction of the Thomas Nature series in 2019, we have taken the next step to- wards naturalness. This has also impressed our customers.

Today: The successful story of Trend started 40 years ago with the claim “Good design is the design that makes you feel good”. 40 years of Made in Germany stand for durability and sustainability of our porcelain products. In our production sites, modern and pioneering technologies ensure resource-saving and energy-efficient production. Thomas Trend stands for functionality and versatility. Created by the Que ensberry Hunt Design Studio in London, the porcelain collection has become one of the most successful household ranges. More than 70 pieces with the unmistakable fine grooved structure are suitable for all occasions. New, contemporary plate sizes integrate the collection.

Manufacturing & production

The collections are made at the factories Rosenthal am Rothbühl in Selb and Thomas am Kulm in Speicherersdorf. These production facilities are world leaders in the porcelain industry and, thanks to future-focused investments, manufacture products sustainably and resource-efficiently. Rosenthal GmbH has become one of the first companies in the fine ceramics industry to be TÜV-SÜD-certified, thanks to the successful implementation of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011 at its sites in Selb and Speicherersdorf.

Below is an overview of the certifications of Rosenthal GmbH:

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